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Hungry Woman: Eating for good health, happiness and hormones

Written by

Pauline Cox


08 June 2023

Who’s the author? Meet Pauline Cox BSc MSc, a Functional Nutritionist, entrepreneur, and mother with a wealth of knowledge in women’s health, hormonal balance, and nutrition. After earning her degree in Anatomical Sciences and a BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Bristol, she pursued a Masters in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Public Health. Pauline went on to open Sow & Arrow, a high-street health food store that focuses on high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, and supplements. A regular columnist for national and international publications, Pauline also delivers online courses and speaking engagements. She is currently completing another Masters degree to become a Fellow of the National Centre of Integrative Medicine.

What’s it about? From puberty to endometriosis, mood swings to PMT, anxiety to low fertility and menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms, women of all ages experience a rollercoaster of difficulties that affect their physical and mental health. When it comes to overcoming these hormonal imbalances, one thing is clear: what we eat matters. Enter Hungry Woman, a groundbreaking cookbook designed to optimize and revolutionize women’s health. In easy-to-follow chapters filled with down-to-earth advice, Pauline lays out all the information you need to understand your hormones and how they work. Learn to create new habits to reset your body and find hormonal balance. Alongside these chapters are 100 simple, delicious, and affordable recipes to get you started, including teas, tonics, smoothies, breakfasts, sides, dressings, bread and buns, main meals, and desserts and snacks. These dishes are low-carb and nutritionally designed to assist in hormonal balance, but they are also packed with colour and flavour. This essential companion guide is perfect for women who want to better understand their bodies, start creating new healthier habits, and enjoy a tasty, balanced diet.

Recipes we love: Tickled Pink Pickled Egg Salad, Happy Hormones Hot Chocolate, and Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Cauli-rice Risotto.

Perfect for: Women of all ages looking to reset their hormones and improve their mental and physical health will benefit from this fantastic cookbook.


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From the book: Hungry Woman: Eating for good health, happiness and hormones

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